Antonio "Baby Face" Papaleo

a reporter undercover the Carbon Credit Pyramid


Antonio "Baby Face" Papaleo

He seems to be a sport driver playboy willing to invest 500.000 euros inheritance from his late and beloved grandmother. He is, in reality, an undercover investigative journalist. His real mission? Unveil the true face of Erminio Kotlar and Scott Campbell, the founders of Carbon Central Network. CCN was able to raise tens of millions while Antonio "Baby Face" has less than five thousand euro to "Sting" them.


“Every member of CCN is a victim of the fraud” says Fero Gachulinec ex-member

Investigative journalist Antonio Papaleo has produced a short film exposing Conservation Central Network’s “Social Network Marketing” scheme. The film was funded by some of the people who fell for CCN’s claim that the company was offering a way to save forests and make money. REDD-Monitor wrote about CCN two weeks ago, suggesting that if CCN’s money making deal sounds too good to be true, that’s probably because it is. Link to Story

CCN, Make Money/Save Forest! Part 1 - ENG subtitles

The weird story of the questionable Eco-Empire of Erminio Kotlar & Scott Campbell. Sting 40 million euro world wide trail costed just peanuts... something less than 5 thousand euro.... variabilného symbolu jeho meno alebo variabilný symbol pri jeho mene. Novinár Antonio Papaleo - variabilný symbol 007, alebo správu "Charity for Tony investigations"
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CCN: Vydělejme peníze, chraňme lesy (cze)

BRATISLAVA/ADELAIDE - Podvod obrovských rozmerov, ktorý zasiahol aj Slovákov! Tak sa dá opísať príbeh jednej austrálskej firmy, ktorá okradla ľudí z celého sveta. Tvárila sa pritom, že ide o dobrú vec, ale peniaze skončili vo vrecku podvodníkov. Spoločnosť CCN so sídlom v austrálskom meste Adelaide chcela zachrániť planétu, ale nie zadarmo. Dobrý úmysel prevážila mamona. Pochybné obchodné praktiky pripravili o peniaze stovky investorov, aby sa mohli obohatiť ľudia stojaci na čele tohto mnohoúrovňového kolosu. Ale poďme pekne po poriadku.
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from the horse's mouth: Scott Campell

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Campbell Scott “This article has so many untruths, inaccuracies and malice”

Last week, REDD-Monitor wrote about an Australian company called Conservation Central Network. The company claims to offer its members a way to “Save Forests and make money”. Campbell Scott, CCN’s co-founder, left a comment on REDD-Monitor, consisting only of a link to the Journalists Ethics Code for Belarus.
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Conservation Central Network’s Little Green Tokens and Big Green Lies

“Find out how to Save Forests and make money.”. That’s the offer on the website of an Australian company called Conservation Central Network. “Using the power of the internet,” CCN says, “we are rewarding people for saving the forests one hectare at a time.”. It sounds great. But if it sounds too good to be true, that’s because it probably is. Link to Story

CCN "False Flag" reply

A False flag attack is a covert operation designed to deceive, so that it appears as though everything said is true and is carried out by individuals, entities or groups to cover over or shift blame to another so as to give them impunity and anonymity in relation to justifying their actions. Fero claims that the directors have brought expensive homes, cars and a boat, you should be informed that the directors already owned their own homes and cars prior to CCN with substantial mortgages, the cars and boat referred to were heavily financed and the boat was leased and is now sold having done its corporate work for two seasons. The additional homes in South Australia and Perth were used as offices and also heavily mortgaged. Both these additional homes are now sold to reduce CCN’s debt. Nothing unusual here
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Megapodvod na Slovákoch: Mysleli si, že zachraňujú planétu, prišli o milióny!

BRATISLAVA/ADELAIDE - Podvod obrovských rozmerov, ktorý zasiahol aj Slovákov! Tak sa dá opísať príbeh jednej austrálskej firmy, ktorá okradla ľudí z celého sveta. Tvárila sa pritom, že ide o dobrú vec, ale peniaze skončili vo vrecku podvodníkov. Topky vám exkluzívne v spolupráci s talianskym novinárom Tonym Papaleom ako prvé prinášajú reportáž o zlodejine, ktorej obeťou ste sa možno stali aj vy. Link to Story

Since 2004 Erminio Kotlar has realized the difference between a pyramid scheme and legal MLM He finally saw the light after running scam after scam for the last 20 years. Re: Carboncentralnetwork 01-17-2011 The Extortion Buster POST: It appears that since 2004 Erminio Kotlar has realized the difference between a pyramid scheme and legal network marketing. He has no convictions, is a company director under his own name and Carbon Central Network offers a legal and legitimate product. A man as smart as Erminio is unlikely to use his own name in ASIC and other Australian government registrations if there was something dodgy in CCN. On examining the opportunity the product (Carbon Credits) is an essential part of CCN membership therefore could not be construed as a pyramid scheme.  To understand why Carbon Credits are a product please read this article: 01-17-2011 JUNGLE HUNTER REPLY: Uh huh. That must be it. He finally saw the light after running scam after scam for the last 20 years. lol If you look you'll see quite a few more that he has run since, a number of which had numbers and he was a named in them as well just like he was named in LifeWealth8. Carbon credits (as dodgy as they are in many respects) are products. As are many other things like oil, gold, real estate, Forex, etc., that regularly are used as the basis for such scams. (The Quatro pyramid scam is claiming to be making green oil too btw. Think that's real? lol) The difference is that CCN isn't actually doing any real open market trading. They're only doing so on their own trading platform that you buy into when you purchase credits from them. Effectively the same design as the virtual stock market scam that they ran. Show me that you can sell these credits and that they have some value other than on their own network and then you might have some beginning basis for an argument; otherwise, it's just another variation of turning your real money into virtual money like ad packs, Asterios, bank shares, etc SOURCE: Link to Story

Planla nytt nettverk fra cella Wolden med tette bånd til australsk pyramidekonge

Av. PER VALEBROKK og. JOHANN D: SUNDBERG Fra cella i Kongsvinger fengsel la T5PC-gründer Jim Wolden planer om å starte et nytt nettverk i mai i år. Planene ble lagt sammen med den mystiske australske pyramidekongen Erminio Kotlar. VG kan i dag avsløre at Wolden og Kotlar har hatt tett kontakt i flere år, og også samarbeidet om flere prosjekter. Det nye nettverket Wolden og Kotlar planla i mai, ble betegnet som en «Gold deal» (gullavtale). Nettverket skulle etter det VG for- står markedsføres overfor T5PC-medlemmer. Faks til fengselet Også medlemmene i den fallerte pyramiden Life Wealth 8 (LW8), som Wolden og Kotlar grunnla, skulle verves til det nye prosjektet. Like før han startet soningen av en syv måneder lang bedrageridom i begynnelsen av mai i år, ringte Wolden etter det VG forstår til Kotlar. De to pyramidekollegene skal blant annet ha diskutert LW8, som påførte 12000-13000 nordmenn tap på inntil 60 millioner kroner i år. To uker senere skal Kotlar ha sendt en telefaks til Kongsvinger fengsel, der Wolden hadde påbegynt soningen på åpen avdeling. I telefaksen, som omhandler «gullavtalen», skal Kotlar også ha referert til at første fase av LW8-pyramiden var avsluttet. Woldens andel av dette var angivelig 20 prosent. VG er ikke kjent med om pyramideparets nye planer ble realisert. Da Kotlar kontaktet Wolden pr. telefaks, skal australieren ha manglet kontantene som skulle til for på starte opp «gullavtalen». Men Kotlar og Wolden skal også ha holdt kontakten mens T5PC-gründeren satt i fengsel. De skal ha snakket med hverandre pr. telefon flere ganger, og også ha holdt kontakt gjennom kjæresten til Woldens medhjelper, Remi Malmberg. Lang fartstid Kotlar og Wolden skal etter det VG vet ha lang fartstid sammen. De skal begge ha vært aktive i nettverket Alpha Club på 90-tallet, som Lotteritilsynet mente var en ulovlig pyramide. Våren 2002 overtalte Jim Wolden reality-kjendisen Espen Asbjørnsen fra TV3-serien «Kråkeslottet» til å satse 110000 kroner i et prosjekt. Australske forskere hadde angivelig fremstilt en type vann med høyere oksygeninnhold som skulle være sunnere enn ordinært vann. Vannprosjektet endte med kollaps, og Asbjørnsen tapte pengene sine. Woldens partner i det fallerte vannprosjektet var nettopp australieren Erminio Kotlar. Kotlar er sentral i nettverket Quality of Life (QOL), der Finance Credit-grunderen Torgeir Stensrud er en av ververne. Australieren er styremedlem i nettverket, som nå forsøker å lokke medlemmene fra LW8 over til seg. VG lyktes ikke i å komme i kontakt med hverken Kotlar eller Wolden i går. Link to Story

State of California: LW8 Desist and Refrain ORDER

The California Corporations Commissioner finds that: 1. LifeWealth8 Limited (“LifeWealth8”) is a company reportedly based in Malta, Malaysia or the British Virgin Islands. It reportedly has three principals, Chief Executive Officer Richard Walker, Chairman John Campbell and Director Erminio Kotlar, all of whom appear to be Australian. 3. It appears that LifeWealth8’s fantasy stock game began in Australia in approximately December of 2002. At that time its members and licensees were allowed to invest money in a fantasy stock called International Technologies. In March of 2003 the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) issued an investor warning that the LifeWealth8 scheme could be an illegal pyramid-selling operation. Pursuant to section 25532 of the Corporate Securities Law of 1968, LifeWealth8 Limited, Shaun J. Browne, Richard Walker, John Campbell and Erminio Kotlar are hereby ordered to desist and refrain from the further offer or sale in the State of California

LifeWealth8: investor warning

Anyone thinking of sending money overseas to an organisation called LifeWealth8 should think carefully, according to a warning issued today by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). ‘This scheme’s website has some information that concerns ASIC, and it should be a red flag to anyone thinking of joining up’, ASIC Director of Consumer Communication, Dr Michael Dunn said. ‘Number one, the company appears to be located offshore. Number two, it claims that people can earn money by recruiting their friends. And number three, it seems to be offering financial products to Australians without a licence’, Dr Dunn said. ‘Based on the information we have, ASIC is concerned that this scheme could be a pyramid-selling operation. Pyramid selling is illegal in Australia. But more importantly, because the company isn’t licensed to operate here, if you send your money to them and something goes wrong, you could lose the lot’, he said. ASIC has received complaints which seem to indicate that memberships have been promoted through ‘recruitment meetings’ in clubs and other venues across Australia. The organisation’s website claims that the company is incorporated in Malta, where it operates a ‘Relationship Marketing’ business that promotes ‘digital products’ to its members and customers. To log into the site you have to register and pay a fee of 25 Euro - about $50 AUD. The site mentions a virtual stock market ‘game’, where members can obtain ‘shares’ for signing up new members. Members can also apply for their own ‘international bank account’. If anyone has information on the scheme, please contact ASIC by phoning 1300 300 630 or by emailing
ASIC-Australia’s corporate, markets and financial services regulator Link to Story


Antonio "Baby Face" Papaleo

Antonio Papaleo is a investigative journalist. He is a member of many international professional organizations.


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